Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Ultimatum - Singapore Chinese Drama Serial

The serial ended with no end of disapprovals from the public. So it was understandable why a projected blockbuster became a failure in a matter of weeks because the majority of the viewers were so critical of the serial. Everything about it was negative according to these household critics - the plot, the stars, the setting etc.

Two sisters were switched at birth and went to families at the opposite ends of the wealth spectrum. The rich kid was raised by a demented mother and the poor kid lived in the lap of luxury. While on the verge of inheriting great wealth the poor kid found out about her own identity from her mother who was eager to claim her back. That led to a series of killings and deaths attributed to the poor kid desperate to keep her identity a secret and to continue living the life she was used to.

In defence of this drama serial I would say that:

  • The plot was not important, the drama was fast-moving and the music score was exciting
  • Zoe Tay was superb, never mind her slightly visible wrinkles, she was unbeatable!
  • Fann Wong was eye-candy on the screen but she was a fantastic actress too.
  • Li Nan Sing was great as two different persons and when he appeared as the real Zhang Feng, he was just so handsome and charismatic!
  • Tay Peng Hui was as usual, stylish in his acting, intense and deserves more love from the viewers.
  • Terence Chao was just so cool and played his part with conviction.
  • The supporting cast was outstanding in the roles they played respectively.
People compare our actors and our dramas with those from Hong Kong and Taiwan and then rate ours at the bottom of the scoring chart. I don't bother to compare them because I seldom watch drama serials unless they can hold my attention. I can only say that for a short drama like this, the impact made by the actors is not inferior to those from Hong Kong and Taiwan. For me I think drama serials like Housewives' Holiday which was the top drama serial in terms of viewership is popular because most people could relate to the happenings in the lives of the families featured - children, study problems, infidelity, money problems.

For me, the Ultimatum is like a breath of fresh air because it goes on its own steam and it does not remind me the problems of daily living. It does not care if the plot is plausible or not because it just develops day after day and each episode ended too soon each time. Well done TCS actors and actresses! I had a great time watching the Ultimatum just as I had a wonderful time watching the Little Nonya.

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