Friday, March 6, 2009

The Proposal

Here is a story from a Japanese drama that I like. A young man was attending the wedding of a girl in a church. As he watched the ceremony, he was filled with overwhelming regret that he had never revealed his feelings for her in the past 15 years that they spent together from primary school through to university.

As he was watching the photos of the slide show of their times together through the years spent in the company of three other good friends, a fairy appeared. Taking pity on this young man, the fairy told him that he could choose any photo he liked and go back in time to the occasion that the photo was taken and from there find an opportunity to tell the girl how much he liked her. Anything that he did that he did not do before might change the way the people looked in the photo and ultimately, going into as many photos as he wanted, he could eventually change the course of history and end up being the groom in the wedding.

The young man was given unlimited chances by the fairy to go back in time. Each time, he managed to make small changes but what eluded him was the chance to tell the girl how much he liked her. He finally gave up trying because he felt that it was useless at the point when his rival picked up courage to confess his love for the girl.

The fairy disappeared as he was disappointed that the young man did not persevere to make his dream come true even though he had unlimited chances to try. Finally, the young man's good friend came and stood next to him and said, "You know, you went back to the past didn't you? I figured that out because of the weird things you said. Some of them were captured on my video when I was playing with it. You never came back after that and I was hoping that you would because if you had, I would have helped you to win the girl over to your side."

So what is the moral of the story? Here's what I think:

We often do not get second chances in life. When we do, we should not give up especially when we are making progress, no matter how small.

The story did not end there. The fairy appeared again not wanting to be a failure in helping mortals attain their dreams. He revealed that the young man's good friend had inserted a few extra photo slides and that he could make use of them to try to change his fate. The young man tried again and still he could not succeed.

He was brought back again to the present at the point when he had to make a speech to the audience about the bridal couple. It dawned on him then that if trying to change history was futile, perhaps he could make use of the present to do so. In his speech, he confessed his love for the girl. She was moved and obviously still in love with him. Noticing that his bride was now in two minds about proceeding with the marriage, he tricked her into going after the young man in pursuit of happiness.

So there is a happy ending to this story. The moral of the story? It's always good to be honest and sincere in relationships.

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