Monday, July 2, 2007

Plastic surgery

I have several books at the moment that I have started on. It will take a long time before I finish reading a complete book. Meanwhile I have been reading random stories from women's magazines as time-fillers and I came across this first-person account by a woman who related her story anonymously in one of these magazines and the story, if it was true, is really a sad one.

This woman underwent plastic surgery because she did not like her looks she was born with. After the cosmetic transformation, she became good looking and attracted the attention of a man whom whe married after 5 months of courtship. All went well until she gave birth to her baby. Her husband was horrified that the baby was in his view ugly because it had unflattering features. The woman then confessed to her husband about her plastic surgery. He was furious and he was disgusted with her because he felt that he had been deceived into the marriage.
From then on he rejected her and their child but did not divorce her because of his religion. Her marriage deteriorated and she lived in misery because she was ignored by her husband. She could not tell her parents for she did not want to burden them with her problems.

I am disgusted as well. Not with this poor woman whom some would consider vain and insecure. I sympathise with her and admired her determination to do something about herself through plastic surgery so that she could get on with her life.

It is easy for us to say that ugly people (like Ugly Betty perhaps) have made good with their life despite their looks and that a woman should not resort to plastic surgery to change what she was born with. It is easy to say because we are not that particular person. Whatever she has done could not be undone.

I realised that people will have different views from mine in the way they view this woman. Some will sympathise with her and some will say that she should have told her husband the truth before she married him. Honesty is the best policy in any situation. However the issue is not about honesty. What is done cannot be undone. She withheld the information because in her judgment it was the best thing she could have done in the naive belief that it would not have mattered to him. It was an assumption she made and that perhaps was her mistake. The question is whether the husband should treat her so badly after he found out?

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