Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The five people you meet in heaven

Written last Christmas

I just finished reading "The Five People you meet in Heaven" by Mitch Albom. Today is Christmas Eve and I have a few hours to myself before friends and famiy arrive to be together on this day where our reason for the gathering is really to celebrate friendship.

This book draws attention to how people live through life with so much hurt and puzzlement. Even in death they carry these baggages to their graves and are unable to enter Heaven as they were because Heaven is a place only for those who enter it with peace and love.

We learn about how the 5 people in the story come to terms with their bitterness, hate, fears and loss and how everything we did on earth had affected the lives of others in various ways.The key message is that we posess the power to influence the lives of others, especially our children. Known or unknown to us, our children's fate is in our hands. How true it is when the author described children as glass that we adults have the power to crack or shatter.

On the eve of Christmas, I hope that the people whose lives have not been whole or fulfilled can be with someone who will be a source of warmth and comfort to them for as long as they wish. All the shopping and presents cannot make up for the joy of one human being offering love and friendship and another simply appreciating it.

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