Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Blue Light - Grimm Brothers

Once upon a time, there was a soldier who outwitted a witch and gained possession of a blue light that he retrieved from the bottom of a well for her. He discovered that the blue light had the power to summon forth a dwarf when he used it to light his pipe. The dwarf was like the genie in the bottle who could grant his master's every wish. The soldier asked to be taken out of the deep well and have the witch take his place there because she had left him there to die when he refused to give her the blue light.(This is revenge)

The wish was granted of course. He then went to the witches house and took as much of the valuables as he could carry. (Taking what is not yours is stealing). Next he checked himself into the finest inn and when he was done with ordering new clothes (This is greed) he lit his pipe with the blue light and hey presto, the dwarf dutifully appeared. The soldier was upset with the king for not rewarding him for his years of loyal service. (Soldiers serve the country not for rewards, only mercenaries ask for rewards)

With his new-found power, he wanted to show the king that he was now the master. He asked the dwarf to bring the king's daughter to him every night to be his servant and to take her back to the palace every morning.(This is abuse of power) The princess reported to her father that she had been having strange dreams of being carried away to a place to work as a servant for a soldier every night. The King on hearing this devised some schemes to check if his precious daughter was dreaming or if what she said was true.

The dwarf thwarted the efforts of the king to find out the truth the first time. The second time, he warned the soldier that if he was found out and caught by the king, he would not be able to save the soldier a second time.

The soldier was eventually caught by the King and imprisoned. There the smart fellow asked to be granted the wish to smoke his pipe before being put to death. When he lit the pipe with the bue light, the dwarf appeared. Whereupon the soldier commanded that the King be killed. The dwarf obeyed (This must be forgetfulness for the dwarf did say that the soldier could not be saved a second time)

The King begged for mercy to which the soldier asked what he would be willing to exchange for his life. The desperate King said he could have anything he wished for. Guess what the soldier wanted?

His wish was to marry the princess and to let him succeed the throne. The King agreed and the soldier married the princess and lived happily as a rich prince. (I wonder if the princess was happy)

What is the moral of the story? I think there are no morals in this story.

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